Slice Out Hunger: 10th Annual $1 Pizza Party

  2. Buy $1 tickets with exact change as you enter the event (cash only - bring exact change). 

  3. Exchange RED tickets for slices of pizza (limit 10), BLUE tickets for drinks, desserts, and raffle (no limit).

  4. Limit 1 slice per person per pizzeria. 

  5. Please choose your slices in a single pass around the room. 

  6. All exits final, no re-entry.
  7. Use a GreenBox (as seen on Shark Tank) to collect your slices. The lid becomes four plates so you can share with friends!
  8. Don't want to wait in line? A VIPizza Passport gets ONE person to the front of the line with 10 tickets to start for $100; a VIPizza Passport PLUS gets TWO people to the front of the line with a total of 15 tickets to start for $150. ALL VIPizza Passports go on sale September 1, 2018 and must be purchased before Oct 9, 2018. Limited quantity available.